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This Medical Moment Episode 5 – The INFLECTIONeffect

For decades, the holy grail in healthcare marketing was the pharma rep-physician meeting. In today’s world, these meetings are increasingly harder to come by, creating a need for brands to find new avenues for reaching HCPs and sharing information. That’s where PRECISIONeffect’s latest innovation, INFLECTIONeffect, comes in.

Now, marketers can identify the most valuable points in a commercial journey that will drive better decision making and, ultimately, accelerate adoption of novel therapies that change the standard of care. Precise targeting, behavioral mapping, personalized execution and optimization insights specifically designed for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology marketers is now available through PRECISIONeffect.

President Carolyn Morgan invites PRECISIONeffect team members to discuss:

  • How the right data can make your campaigns more efficient and effective
  • What’s included in our data-driven discipline, INFLECTIONeffect
  • Special features designed specifically for healthcare, pharma, and biotech marketers

Learn how precise targeting, behavior mapping, execution and optimization can foolproof your commercial plan during This Medical Moment with Lauren Westberg, Fonny Schenck and Pam Caputo.

Want to dive deeper into Navigator365? Watch the Introducing Navigator365 video.

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