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This Medical Moment Episode 6 – Unlock Yourself

Combining data-driven, “feed-forward” health insights with smart user experience has grown the Boston-based wearable company, WHOOP, from a training tool for the world’s greatest athletes to a device that empowers the everyday consumer to take action on their health.

Covering sleep, strain and recovery, WHOOP shares the biometrics that play a role in everyday health to arm patients with data they can bring to their HCPs – and they’re having great success. Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer John Capodilupo sits down with PRECISIONeffect President Carolyn Morgan to discuss:

  • How UX is a critical factor in driving consumer adoption
  • What it takes to drive behavior change
  • Advice for fellow entrepreneurs

And much more. Watch This Medical Moment to hear how his team is empowering patients and changing the standard of care.

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