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Who We Are: PRECISION marketing          advertising science effect

Beau, Resident Pup

We’ve always been ahead of our time.
Now the future is finally catching up with us.

Before there was digital, there was an agency thinking interactively. “How do we reach HCPs and patients in new ways?” “How can we measure and analyze and optimize our work?”

Starting over 40 years ago, we began devising answers. On the fly. In real-time. For biotech and life science companies growing up alongside us in Boston and Cambridge.

Today, we’re still thinking that way, but with a world of digital tools at our disposal. And digitally connected offices to serve more of that world. In partnership with the unprecedented resources of Precision Value & Health, we’re helping change the very standard of care. And still we look forward.

PRECISIONeffect employees are joyous, daring, and authentic, not phony, boring or apathetic

Accelerating clinical research and development through the combined power of trials, labs, and data science.

Demonstrating the value of life-science innovations with evidence and real-world expertise.