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Navigator365 Cx Benchmark

As a marketer, it’s your job to ask, “What kind of impact does my brand have with physicians relative to the competition?” Navigator365™ Cx Benchmark is designed to tell you exactly that. Our Competitive Brand Benchmark Report compares your brand to key competitors at the channel, functional (marketing, sales, medical, patient), and overall level.

Once you know where you stand, the question becomes, “How can I reorient?” Our industry-leading insights can point your team in the right direction by telling you:

How physicians rate the overall omnichannel engagement quality of your brand vs your competition

Which strategic channel and content decisions you should make to boost customer experience and business impact

Which content attributes you should prioritize

The Navigator365™ Cx Benchmark Report.

Brand channel
  • OCE leadership index (brand level)
  • Prioritization chart/brand (reach, impact, relative score)
  • Commercial & medical online vs F2F index (brand level)
  • Patient-centricity index
  • Channel impact by brand (20 channels)

Channel attribute importance vs brand attribute performance

  • Relative importance of channel attributes (6, from an HCP perspective)
  • Prioritization chart/brand (reach, impact, relative score)
Brand customer
experience & leadership
  • Brand net promoter score, plus drivers
  • Brand customer effort score
  • Brand customer experience, plus drivers

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