Funny thing about leadership:
You only learn how effective it’s been after it’s passed to the next generation.

Great leadership isn’t about getting people to follow. It’s about inspiring others to lead.

Teaching, mentoring, steering colleagues to achieve more than they thought possible. That’s how leaders are born. And how they continue being conceived at PRECISIONeffect.

Jenny, Art Supervisor

The one and only Velvet Hammer.

Carolyn Morgan


18 years with PRECISION

A true unicorn. Creative with impressive business savvy.

Deborah Lotterman

Chief Creative Officer

26 years with PRECISION

Way too polished to be a nerd, but he is.

Paul Balagot

Chief Experience Officer

9 years with PRECISION

Exactly what your business needs.

Lauren Westberg

EVP, Managing Director

15 years with PRECISION

Education evangelist sees all the possibilities.

Jessica Griffith

SVP, Public Relations

10 years with PRECISION

Swiss-army knife leader makes omnichannel bite-size.

John Fitzpatrick

SVP, Omnichannel Engagement

11 years with PRECISION

A digital creative genius who still knows how to use a pencil.

Simon Wilson

SVP, Innovation Director

30 years with PRECISION

Keeper of bees and medical insight.

Kevin Flynn

SVP, Director of Medical Services

7 years with PRECISION

Dr. Digital can cure your social woes.

Christian Rodgers

SVP, Social Media

8 years with PRECISION

Kinetic team lead. Flies high but keeps the fundamentals grounded.

Val Bugtai-Elias

SVP, Director of Client Services

8 years with PRECISION

High heels, high energy, and high work standards.

Marinella Georgino

SVP, Executive Creative Director

15 years with PRECISION

New York import. Classical training. Comic timing.

George Recine

SVP, Executive Creative Director

12 years with PRECISION

Seen it all, sees it all, and never ceases to inspire.

Doug Chapman

SVP, Executive Creative Director

8 years with PRECISION

Research junkie with a keen eye for detail.

Kunsan Kim

SVP, Brand Strategy

14 years with PRECISION

Former wedding singer has made lifelong commitment to content development.

Joanna Beeman

SVP, Content Director

7 years with PRECISION

Vision and heart for talent development to match her moniker.

Jenny Love

SVP, Talent & Culture

4 years with PRECISION

High-performance ops prowess, as down-to-earth as her trademark Chucks.

Erica Baitler

SVP, Operations

6 years with PRECISION

Production mastermind sees multiple detours around every speed bump.

Karen Gardiner

VP, Director

3 years with PRECISION

Red Bull should have what she's having.

Heather O'Handley

VP, Business Development

11 years with PRECISION

Killer strategy. Killer heels.

Sophie Morson

VP, Strategy

13 years with PRECISION

Curious mind. Problem solver. Action taker.

Steeve Lamontagne

VP, Strategy

4 years with PRECISION

Starched, buttoned up account crisp atop, spandex-clad biker underneath.

David Frith

VP, Group Account Director

6 years with PRECISION


“Imagine working at a company where your potential is recognized, your efforts are appreciated, your successes are celebrated, and you are embraced by a leadership team and peers to just be your best self. I don’t have to imagine because I work at PRECISIONeffect.”

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