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Introducing Navigator365

Now is the time to start reimagining the future of customer engagement.

We’re excited to announce that Precision Value & Health recently acquired Across Health, a global omnichannel engagement leader.

One of their widely acclaimed assets is the feature-rich, cloud-based Navigator365 customer engagement analytics platform. This industry-leading, unique body of actionable data is your “license to operate” in an omnichannel world – from unique insights to brand/campaign planning, strategy execution, and measurable business impact.

The Navigator365 platform is used by over 50 life science companies in over 40 countries and 25+ therapeutic areas and covers 4 key dimensions:

  1. A comprehensive & dynamic view of 50+ offline & online channels
  2. Fresh insights into post-COVID content & service preferences
  3. A granular view of the media landscape
  4. A detailed competitor benchmark

To schedule a demo of Navigator365, please contact Michael Chambers, Vice President, Sales Agency and Training Teams.


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