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How to put plans into action with Lauren Westberg, EVP, Managing Director

This blog is part of a series on our data-driven discipline, INFLECTIONeffect. 

Once you understand who you’re trying to reach and the behaviors you need to overcome to drive adoption, what’s next? How do you leverage data to decide the best medium for campaign delivery? When should you adjust or pivot your approach? We’ve tapped our EVP, Managing Director, Lauren Westberg, to share her expertise on how our data-driven discipline, INFLECTIONeffect, is a game-changer:

  1. In today’s digital world, there are hundreds of avenues to explore when it comes to marketing a new product or therapy. Traditionally, how have teams decided which tactics to deploy?

    Traditionally, healthcare and pharmaceutical marketers have built their commercial plan around two main insights:

    1. Previous learnings from past campaigns

    2. Self-reported data from media outlets and third-party reports

    While neither of these approaches is inherently wrong, they do not allow for the evaluation of tactics and media channels from a single and objective vantage point. And while we always want to weave past insights into a plan, we need to be adaptable to the ever-evolving digital landscape. What’s worked before isn’t guaranteed to work a year or even two months later; the most effective brands stay on the cutting-edge and remain agile when planned execution isn’t driving towards goals and objectives.

    For example, when we witnessed slow adoption for a new diagnostic despite a large and engaged sales force, we redirected messaging from the underlying science to focus on test ordering.Previous learnings from past campaigns

  2. How does INFLECTIONeffect help ensure teams are focusing their efforts on the most impactful activities?

    At its core, INFLECTIONeffect helps brands pinpoint and leverage the most impactful data points that will impact a brand’s trajectory. We start by using proprietary data to better understand our audience and the channels they consume most. Then, we pinpoint the moments that matter – the inflection points – and the behaviors we need to promote for a successful conversion.

    With the inflection points identified, we can now be very strategic and surgical about what messages, tactics and channels to employ. Our Navigator365 platform allows us to create an omnichannel engagement plan based on MCQs (multichannel equivalent scores) to help identify the most impactful tactics and channels and then to weight spend and effort appropriately. Navigator365 can determine the requisite media mix and channel distribution to achieve the greatest impact, using a sales rep visit with an HCP as the benchmark.

    With this, it’s easy to pinpoint the right moments and places to interact with and provide content to users at the segment and individual level. Which means we can able to build plan that much more effectively aligns behavior change and tactical execution with desired outcomes.

  3. A critical piece of the INFLECTIONeffect puzzle is the “agile adjustment” phase. What kind of insights can INFLECTIONeffect provide to help teams identify when a campaign is on – or off – track and make adjustments to ensure success

    INFLECTIONeffect is fluid with an ability to see how tactics are performing along the therapeutics journey at a fast and frequent cadence. On any given day, we can view the dashboard our team has created and track not just how we’re progressing towards our end goal, but how effective our tactics are at each juncture.

    For example, we may find that our emails to physicians aren’t converting to face-to-face meetings the way we had predicted, perhaps only 20% of those who open the email take the next step. That data insight triggers the action to either adjust our email content or pivot to a different channel/tactic altogether. It’s no longer simply about “Is our plan working?” but “Is this content and tactic effective at bringing users down the sales funnel?”

    This level of insight keeps us nimble and flexible so we can optimize tactics to yield better results and drive adoption faster, even as market conditions change.

  4. Looking ahead, where do you see the future of the industry headed as it relates to marketing and driving commercial adoption? What tactics will be most impactful?

    Without a doubt, the pharmaceutical landscape will increasingly call for the hyper personalization of messaging and brand experiences. This is already how the B2C space works and now, HCPs and patients are expecting the same experience when it comes to their healthcare.

    Brands typically target a large group of physicians without taking into consideration their unique preferences, habits, and behaviors. Pharma marketers, unable to segment on a granular level, could only evolve their messaging and move these users down the funnel when they saw grand momentum. With the advancement of technology and data, such as with INFLECTIONeffect, the industry should be looking for ways to follow their audience along the entire commercial journey and provide valuable content that ultimately speaks to their audience at a one-to-one level.

    Brands that can harness the tools available to personalize messaging and delivery to users will realize the greatest cost and operational efficiencies, and be able to move users through the sales process faster than competitors.

Learn more about INFLECTIONeffect by watching This Medical Moment here.


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