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Bigger and Better Together: PRECISIONeffect Acquires Pascāle

Genuine collaboration between agencies isn’t always easy. When you find a partner who makes you better, you stick with them. And if you’re really lucky and determined, you add them to your family.  We’ve added the Pascale team to ours – upping our offering with savvy medical public relations and unparalleled social media management. Pop the champagne!

PRECISIONeffect, the industry’s only healthcare advertising agency dedicated to changing the standard of care, today announced that it has acquired Pascāle, an international healthcare communications company specializing in public relations and social media. Pascāle has an almost two-decade history of launching full-scale, creative-fueled PR and social media campaigns to drive results for healthcare clients worldwide.

With this strategic acquisition, PRECISIONeffect enriches its offerings to clients with fully integrated PR and social media execution. These offerings can be engaged as standalones, partnerships, or as part of a robust, full-service capability for current and new clients.

“After collaborating with Pascāle on joint client work, we realized their approach to PR and social media mirrored how we approach our service offerings,” said Deborah Lotterman, chief creative officer at PRECISIONeffect. “When we dug deeper, we saw that our cultures, principles, and shared mission to develop market-changing work were also aligned. We are excited to join forces and work together with our clients to build brands that create unique and meaningful experiences.”

Driven by advances in technology and the industry, clients are increasingly seeking agencies that work across disciplines. Lotterman notes that about half of PRECISIONeffect’s clients have asked for deeper social media capabilities, including monitoring and response management, and nearly half of its clients have asked about PR services at one point or another. By integrating a deeper social bench and PR services from Pascāle, PRECISIONeffect can elevate the level of deliverables for clients and provide them with even more widely informed and actionable recommendations.

“Combining the weight and expertise of PRECISIONeffect with the PR and social reputation of Pascāle creates a powerhouse offering that will help our clients bring innovation to market and to patients with speed, relevance, and the right impact,” said Georgette Pascale, founder and CEO of Pascāle. “We’re thrilled to join PRECISIONeffect’s team of experienced, results-oriented individuals to work together to transform healthcare marketing communications and deliver targeted results with passion and authenticity.”

With this acquisition, PRECISIONeffect expands its employee count to 250 people and adds talent in communications, PR, and social media.


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