Pharma should start getting versed in meta

Jack DeManche sees a great future for pharma in the metaverse. (PRECISIONeffect )

First published in fiercepharma. Jack DeManche sees a great future for pharma in the metaverse. (PRECISIONeffect ) As the metaverse gains legs (sorry), it’s time to start thinking about the effect this could have on pharma and new ways to embrace what’s known as Web3, an evolution of the way the internet is used and […]

Social Media’s Complex Club

Phone with social media engagement icons

First published in Pharmaceutical Executive. The evolution of social media pushes engagement with health care audiences forward. Zoom star replaced the podium star Pharm Exec consulted Christian Rodgers, industry marketing veteran and senior vice president, social media, at PRECISIONeffect, to discuss key opinion leaders (KOLs), digital opinion leaders (DOLs), and useful platforms. Rodgers had regularly […]

Omnichannel engagement is evolving

First published in MM+M. Medical marketing is in the midst of a transition from multichannel marketing to omnichannel strategies. SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES. Healthcare marketing is an industry dominated by buzzwords and over the past year or so, few have matched the staying power of ‘omnichannel engagement.’ Consumer expectations are constantly changing and marketers are faced with the […]

Where the wild ideas are

Variety of colorful light bulbs

Introducing PRECISIONeffect’s new brainstorming app, Wild Cards Whether you’re concepting the next medical miracle or thinking through a catchy headline, unfiltered creativity is vital. The world’s greatest innovations have come from an “outside of the box” idea – or, as some might say, a wild idea. At PRECISIONeffect, we have a tendency to go off-leash […]

Are your brainstorms only a drizzle? Business app helps teams unleash more ideas quickly

Wild Cards, a free, iOS and Android mobile app–created by PRECISIONeffect–that allows users to “jump start ideas with one tap.”

“Wild Cards” combines party-game approach and behavioral research to help teams produce better brainstorm results First published in PR Newswire. Boston, July 11, 2022 – Generating an actual brainstorm – where ideas crash into one another, where lightning strikes, where potential floods the room – is elusive. Every marketer, strategist, creative person in every industry has […]

Parenting is hard, parental leave shouldn’t be 

New born hand in a fist

The United States is notoriously trailing the rest of the world when it comes to parental leave. A recent campaign from The Skimm, #ShowUsYourLeave, seeks to bring awareness and transparency to this deficit. To date, over 300 companies have participated – a great start to improve openness and equality.  Inspired by Show Us Your Leave, […]

Every single day is rare disease day

Black and white zebra stripes

First published on PharmaLive and MedAdNews. Every day is rare disease day if you live with one. NORD calculates that more than 30 million Americans (roughly the population of New York and Michigan) are affected by at least one of 7,000 rare diseases. If we are committed to changing the standard of care in rare […]

4 things every leader should do right now to attract and retain top talent

Woman sitting in front of computer talking on virtual meeting

First published in Forbes. To compete during the Great Resignation, some agencies are upping their game: Top salaries? Check. Unlimited vacation? Check. Flexibility and endless perks? Check. So why are people still walking out the door? In a post-Covid-19 world, many people are feeling less and less fulfilled both at work and in their personal […]