Creating better HCP experiences now with data and omnichannel

Hand on mouse with data surrounding

First published in PM360. How can online retailers know exactly what color you would like for that silk-cashmere blend sweater? Or that you forgot to purchase trainers you were eyeing yesterday? You’re not alone if you feel your favorite store has as much understanding of your preferences as your best friend. The rise of big […]

Pharma and pop culture: the industry enjoys — or endures — its spotlight moment

Amanda Seyfried Dropout

First published in MM+M. Between Dopesick and The Dropout, pharma is having a moment at the center of the national entertainment scene. Amanda Seyfried in The Dropout. Photo by Beth Dubber/ HULU – © 2022 HULU. The entertainment industry has a long history of producing healthcare-centered stories, with myriad TV shows and movies set in […]

From star pupil to pharma rockstar: The journey of a PRECISIONeffect intern

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Karin Yehoudian, Senior Business Development Manager,  started her internship at PRECISIONeffect just three weeks after graduating college. It being her first taste of “office culture,” she was determined to figure out what she did and didn’t want from an employer during her tenure. What she learned? Changing the lives of patients alongside equally dedicated colleagues […]

Work from anywhere. Effectors make the most of lockdown living.

Before March 2020 the concept of working remotely was not foreign at PRECISIONeffect. With three offices across the globe, certain projects call for remote meetings and collaborations. But, seemingly overnight, everyone had to adapt to working remotely. We saw a shift where our personal space became professional, our gyms migrated into our homes, and our […]

Data-driven PR campaigns, not puff pieces, reach clients’ goals

Jessica Griffith, SVP, Public Relations

First published in PRWeek. For companies to precisely attract the customers and investors they need, their integrated communications plan should be built on a foundation of data-driven PR.  Social media and traditional advertising are as important as ever to reach wide audiences by distilling messages into brand imagery and concise, actionable points. Data-driven PR has […]

Response: Omnichannel treats doctors like the consumers they are

Female doctor sitting at desk with headphones and laptop

The news that Pfizer is reducing its U.S. sales staff made headlines, particularly in light of the company’s current position in the market and its healthy revenue backed by the success of its COVID-19 vaccine.  But if we look across the industry, this news is not surprising and represents a growing movement within healthcare. The […]

Will 2022 be the year of pharma’s digital opinion leaders?

Christian Rodgers, Senior Vice President, Social Media

First published in PRWeek. Social media, once considered “off limits” for pharma, is now a must-have in the communications mix. One of the most compelling reasons for pharma to adopt social media is simply its efficiency for matching branded marketing messages with targeted audiences. There are limited marketing channels available for pharma to reach physicians […]

Q&A with SVP, Innovation: Simon Wilson

Assortment of question marks

First published in PMLive. What gets you out of bed in the morning? FOMO (the fear of missing out). There is an urgency to that kind of daily approach. Today could be the day you discover something amazing, so get up! What’s the best thing about working in healthcare comms? That’s easy, the opportunity to […]

Changing the standard of care through social media

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“Status Quo = Not Me” reads Christian Rodgers’, one of PRECISIONeffect’s newest leaders, LinkedIn profile. And he couldn’t be more truthful. For years, Christian has worked to bring healthcare and pharmaceutical brands into the digital fold through organic and paid social media. What was once considered “off limits” for brands in this sector is now […]