Are your brainstorms only a drizzle? Business app helps teams unleash more ideas quickly

“Wild Cards” combines party-game approach and behavioral research to help teams produce better brainstorm results

Wild Cards, a free, iOS and Android mobile app–created by PRECISIONeffect–that allows users to “jump start ideas with one tap.”

First published in PR Newswire.

Boston, July 11, 2022 – Generating an actual brainstorm – where ideas crash into one another, where lightning strikes, where potential floods the room – is elusive. Every marketer, strategist, creative person in every industry has probably seen far more of the arid opposite – the idea drought. Now, there’s an app for that.

What if we imagine this product in an entirely different market? Can you write ten ideas in two minutes? What happens if we change a feature? These the kind of provocative thought-starters that show up on Wild Cards, a new smartphone app designed to make corporate brainstorm sessions more productive and innovative. The app combines the off-balance fun of a party game with years of frontline experience to guide brainstorm moderators and participants to more productive ideation sessions and creative results.

Wild Cards is the brainchild of Simon Wilson, innovation director at PRECISIONeffect, the industry’s only healthcare advertising agency dedicated to changing the standard of care. Bringing years of innovation experience from both healthcare and consumer brands like L’Oréal and Volvo, Wilson and his award-winning creative team researched and analyzed numerous brainstorming methods, as well as drawing from hundreds of hours of brainstorm moderating experience. The result is a collection of simple, powerful techniques in the form of e-game cards that inspire people to find and share their inner creator instantaneously.

“There’s no shortage of advice on how to make brainstorms better but, when you’re in that meeting, it’s impractical to pause and look up these techniques. Often, the best advice is buried deep within, requiring many set-ups that are unproductive in a live brainstorm session,” said Wilson. “Wild Cards was originally developed to help our teams drive more productive brainstorming sessions within the healthcare industry, which at times, can be difficult to unleash spontaneous creativity. The app can spur creativity in all industries, and we are excited to share it with the larger population.”

Wilson has long demonstrated a unique ability to merge creativity and technology, identifying when and how purposeful innovation can enhance physician education and the patient experience. In addition to developing Wild Cards, his recent efforts included using 360-degree video to deliver an immersive laboratory experience, creating memorable learning moments in rare disease with augmented reality, promoting empathy among doctors by making them experience patient side effects with Google Cardboard, and crafting a 3-dimensional city for Alzheimer’s disease. 

About Wild Cards
Wild Cards is a free, iOS and Android mobile app–created by PRECISIONeffect–that allows users to “jump start ideas with one tap.” It’s a tool that will help foster more ideas, creativity, and innovation in group meetings or brainstorms. The app has 38 creative methods available, presented as a “wild card,” all of which require no preparation or tools beyond a pen, paper, and brains. It’s applicable to any industry and problem-solving scenario – whether it be a concepting a creative ad campaign, new product, or technical process. To learn more, visit

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