Work from anywhere. Effectors make the most of lockdown living.

Before March 2020 the concept of working remotely was not foreign at PRECISIONeffect. With three offices across the globe, certain projects call for remote meetings and collaborations. But, seemingly overnight, everyone had to adapt to working remotely. We saw a shift where our personal space became professional, our gyms migrated into our homes, and our standards of work attire loosened.  

Our Effectors are making the most of their wall-less offices by traveling, finding new ways to separate work life from home life, and rekindling hobbies from their past. 

Our travelers chose a change of scenery: 

  • Sam Studer, an Employee Experience Specialist, took his talents to South Florida where he rented a little bungalow on a creek about two miles from the beach. He said, “I worked from the screened in patio overlooking the water almost every day.” He stayed there for about 3 months before heading back to his home in New Jersey. Fun fact though – Sam liked working from Florida SO much, that he just bought a house down there!

  • Glenn Lagasse, one of our Digital Producers jumped at the opportunity to drive and camp all over the United States. The best place he worked from – San Padre Island National Seashore. “I worked from a cool coffee shop made of shipping containers a few miles from the beach where I camped. They had really fast internet and delicious kolaches!”

  • George Recine, SVP, Executive Creative Director, decided to give his kids – and let’s be honest…himself – the winter of a lifetime! He and his family went to their home in upstate Vermont at Jay Peak. George says, “In early November of 2020 I said to my kids, ‘We can keep you in school, and you can keep seeing your friends, but we probably won’t ski much this winter, or we can put you in full remote school and move to Vermont.” They chose to stay home and stay in school. I said, “Thanks for your input. We’re moving to Vermont.” When it came time to leave the mountain, the kids had had such a good time, they had tears in their eyes when they turned south to come home.

Other Effectors found great ways to balance work life with home life: 

  • Karin Yehoudian, a Senior Business Development Manager, found a unique way to draw the line between work and personal time. “I realized it was hard to feel a distinct end to my day when I work in the same room where I spend my personal time. What I’ve done to physically and mentally draw a line is take a shower when the workday is over. I imagine myself washing away the day, and it feels like I’m reentering my space with the intention of self-care.”

  • Jenn Klein, one of our Senior Medical Editors, still kicks her shoes off at the end of the day. She says, “Wear real shoes when you’re working. I know it sounds weird, but I buy shoes I only wear in the house when I’m working, because if I’m wearing slippers or just socks, I don’t feel like I’m at the office.” 

Another crew found time to pursue old hobbies and give back: 

  • Karen Gardiner, our VP, Director of PRECISIONeffect Productions decided to get back in the saddle…literally. “I have taken up horseback riding again! It was my sport as a kid, and I decided to start riding again. I don’t do a lot of riding in the cold months, but it’s been super fun to be around the horses and barn again.” 

  • We’re also inspired by Tiffany Riker, Associate Director, Accounting, who is stepping up to give kids a stable home. “I signed up for foster care. Before, there was no way I would have had the time to be a single parent and work, while balancing school schedules and doctor’s appointments. Because I can work remotely, I’m saving nearly 2 hours in commute time and can be home during school breaks to be with the kids.”  

At PRECISIONeffect we pride ourselves on working with clients who are “change the standard of care,” and in an odd way the pandemic changed our standard of self-care. We are encouraged to put emphasis on personal time, family time, traveling, learning, creating, and thinking, which has become even more important over the last two years. So, while the pandemic created a time of unease and angst, working remotely has unlocked a changing work culture that affords us new luxuries we never realized we needed.  

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