From star pupil to pharma rockstar: The journey of a PRECISIONeffect intern

Karin Yehoudian, Senior Business Development Manager,  started her internship at PRECISIONeffect just three weeks after graduating college. It being her first taste of “office culture,” she was determined to figure out what she did and didn’t want from an employer during her tenure. What she learned? Changing the lives of patients alongside equally dedicated colleagues is a pretty darn rewarding career – she has now been a full-time member of our team for four years. As Karin says, “When you know, you know.”

Recently, we chatted with Karin and Account Executive, Ani Hackett, who both began their journey at PRECISIONeffect as interns. Read on to hear about how their internships grew into a full-time career and passion for healthcare marketing, as well as their advice for young professionals considering a creative career with real impact in the lives of many. 

What did you study in school? What did you “want to be when you grow up?”

Karin Yehoudian

Karin Yehoudian – Effector since 2018

I majored in Marketing Communications and minored in Sociology & Anthropology at Emerson College. I originally wanted to be a publicist, fitting my dream of being behind the success of a product, brand, or person.

Ani Hackett

Ani Hackett – Effector since 2019

I studied marketing at Babson College in Wellesley, MA. In college, I had no idea what I wanted to be and had a handful of internships in multiple different fields. Overall, I knew I wanted to have a job where I could flex my communication skills and work with a team to make something great.

How did you find PRECISIONeffect? What about the agency made you want to pursue an internship at PRECISIONeffect?

  • Karin: My best friend in undergrad was a project management intern here the summer before I graduated. I vividly remember her heartfelt excitement talking about the people and work. They asked if she wanted to come back the next summer, and she wasn’t able to, so she referred me.
  • Ani: I found PRECISIONeffect when I was going into my senior year of college. My sister had previously worked with our AVP, Michelle Corcoran, so she connected us. The reason I wanted to pursue PRECISIONeffect’s internship was because of the people, without a doubt. I interviewed and found everyone I met very kind, and they spoke so highly of the work they did. I left the interview feeling so excited!

What team did you work on as a PRECISIONeffect intern? What responsibilities did you have?

  • Karin: I interned in Human Resources and learned not only how their department supported our agency, but also how much support is available to employees in the professional world and specifically here, at PRECISIONeffect. I got to play the role of HR in our internship review process. It was a full circle moment, having the opportunity to execute real-life HR responsibilities on behalf of the intern group.
  • Ani: I worked on the account team at PRECISIONeffect as an intern. I got the opportunity to sit in different meetings and was exposed to a variety of brands. My day-to-day responsibilities were mostly taking notes, relaying them to the team, and helping with project management.

What kind of support did your team give you as an intern that led you to your decision to pursue a full-time job at PRECISIONeffect? What got you to where you are today?

  • Karin: Working in HR, I heard two phrases often that stuck with me and helped to narrow my focus and, ultimately, decide that PRECISIONeffect was the right place to build my career:

    • #1 – “We’re a learning agency.” From day one, I was encouraged to learn everything I could about the other departments. I was determined to leave my internship knowing which career path within an agency would best suit me.

    • #2 – “A great company is one that trusts its employees.” PRECISIONeffect teammates have the gift of autonomy and flexibility. Expectations are communicated, goals are identified, and support is always there. Being in control of your own work is a powerful motivator for employees and I believe it is one of the reasons why our teams execute such high-quality work.

  • Ani: My team gave me constant support to ask questions and explore other positions. It was encouraging to work in an environment where asking questions isn’t only “good,” but encouraged. This definitely helped me decide that I should pursue a full-time job at PRECISIONeffect.

What do you like most about working at PRECISIONeffect? What are you looking forward to as you continue your career here?

  • Karin: My favorite thing about working here is having a first-hand look at the innovations being made available for patients and consumers. Our clients help solve for everything on the spectrum, from everyday health problems to rare disease. It can be difficult to learn about some of the health issues people deal with, but it’s always in the context of a solution coming on the horizon. Working at PRECISIONeffect gives me hope and a sense of purpose. As I continue my career here, I hope I’m able to share that passion and sense of purpose with new teammates and work towards our common goal of changing the standard of care.

  • Ani:  I love the people and the environment. Even while being mostly remote this past year, there is still a strong sense of teamwork, and everyone has a positive attitude. Looking forward, I am excited to learn more about pharma advertising and to continue developing and sharpening my skills.

What’s one career lesson you’ve learned during your time at PRECISIONeffect?

  • KarinKnow your audience. Sure, that message’s context is clear when it comes to marketing campaigns. You want to reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time, with the right message. But the same is also true in your interpersonal interactions. Knowing what someone will respond best to and acting on it has been a game changer.

  • Ani: It is so important to ask questions and to continue to push yourself. Whether that is through your co-workers or courses your company offers, never turn down a chance to learn something new!

Based on your experience, what advice would you give young professionals looking to grow a career in pharma marketing?

  • Karin: It’s hard to feel like you have a sense of purpose, and the generation gearing up to enter the workforce is driven by impact more than ever. This field is a no-brainer when it comes to checking both boxes. If you’re driven by the knowledge that your work makes a difference, this might be the right career for you too!

  • Ani: Go in with an open mind – it can definitely be overwhelming at first. There is a lot of information and nuances to learn but, once you do, it is very interesting and a great industry to be in.

If you’re interested in learning more about working at PRECISIONeffect or checking out our open positions, visit our Careers page. You can also follow us on LinkedIn


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