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Omninsider: What does omnichannel engagement in pharma mean?

The rise of big data has changed everything we know about marketing, and retail has been at the forefront of what we now call omnichannel engagement (OCE), deploying targeted messages across strategically selected channels based on customer data. Their ability to quickly capture and capitalize on customer data has led to a boom in e-commerce adoption, and many industries are looking to follow suit. Pharmaceuticals included.

If you’re feeling lost in this new pharma marketing landscape, fear not. In this white paper, we’ll share in simple terms:

  • OCE defined
  • An example of how a pharma brand may use an omnichannel approach
  • The benefits of investing in omnichannel capabilities
  • Common obstacles to address ahead of deploying an omnichannel strategy

Download our free white paper to discover the power of OCE and how it’s transforming the marketing landscape.

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