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Opinion: A gray box warning for healthcare marketing

Grey box warning - side effects may include feeling incredibly fulfilled when helping to change the standard of care. PRECISIONeffect.

A recent AdAge piece noted how Big Pharma had “become one of the sexiest jobs in advertising,” by offering a safe space for creatives who want to rake in “easy” money. Some interviewed suggested healthcare creatives were complacent professionals looking for a low-pressure environment and hand-out paychecks. Our Chief Creative Officer, Deborah Lotterman, tackles this claim head-on, sharing the experience of someone who has been in healthcare since the early 90’s (read: reality).

“Consumer advertising has long lived on the dictum of ‘come up with some really out-of-the-box ideas.’ In healthcare marketing, you must stay within the box built by the FDA. End of discussion…Our biggest competitor is the current standard of care: the status quo.”

Healthcare marketing is not as dark – or as cushy – as many have been led to believe. It can be quite bright helping to shape the future. If you have the right stuff. Deborah shares what it takes to excel as a creative in healthcare in an op-ed for AdAge (subscription required).


“Every day we are working towards changing the standard of care for both patients and HCPs. Not everyone can say they help to change lives in their job, and I am proud to say we do!”

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